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Best Hair Straightener in India – Buying Guide & Reviews

Hair straightener is one of the most versatile hair styling tool that a woman can invest in. It’s every woman’s go-to buddy for achieving their dream hair. Whether you want to get rid of your curly locks or simply love straight hair, hair straightening is what you should go for. You can blow dryers to style your hair but they can’t beat the results of a hair straightener to give that straight and sleek-looking hair. And most importantly, hair straighteners are suitable for all types of hair whether straight, curly, thick, or thin.

In this article, we shall take you through an informative guide on how to choose the right hair straightener and rock any look.

How does a hair straightener work?

Your hair strands are made up of a protein called keratin which is extremely hard to break.  Additionally, the strength of the hair is also determined by several sulfur-containing amino acids. The strong bonds in your hair ensure that the keratin molecules remain intact. This gives your hair its shape (curly or straight).

When a hot iron is passed through your hair, the keratin chain is broken down and the heat rearranges the keratin to give your hair a straight shape.

What are the types of hair straighteners?

Mainly, there are three types of hair straighteners based on plate material – ceramic, titanium, and tourmaline.

types of hair straightener

  • Ceramic Straighteners

The ceramic plates facilitate even distribution of heat and thus, your hair is saved from hot or cold spots. It’s suitable for almost all hair type. It also reduces the chances of burning your hair due to overheating.

Pure ceramic straighteners are pretty costly and hence, you can opt for a more affordable option. Most of the affordable ceramic straighteners consist of aluminum plates that are coated with ceramic.

  • Titanium Straighteners

Titanium as a material allows a consistent flow of heat and is also known to heat up quickly. Since it has good ionic output, it can transfer the heat very quickly and this reduces the time taken to straighten the hair. This is the only advantage titanium has over ceramic plates.

However, people prefer titanium over ceramic as it heats up quickly and thus straightens the hair faster. But it is essential to mention that ceramic plates are safer than titanium and give professional results.

  • Tourmaline Straighteners (also called ionic plates)

They are considered the best hair straighteners as they contain silicate and straighten the hair with less heat. Tourmaline plates release negative ions that tame frizzy hair, seal moisture in the hair, and close the cuticles too. It give your hair an incredibly smooth and sleek finish.

Ceramic or Titanium or Tourmaline: Which one is better? 

PLATE TYPE/MATERIAL Ceramic Titanium Tourmaline
BEST FOR Thin, fine,  and damaged hair Thick and coarse hair Curly and damaged hair
PROS Suits all hair type, add shine, even heat distribution, corrosion-free plates Fast heating, even heat distribution, consistent temperature Makes the hair smooth, best for frizzy and static hair
CONS Ceramic plates wear out over time Titanium plates lack smoothness Can be expensive

Buying Guide for Hair Straightener

There are several factors that you need to take into consideration while selecting a hair straightener.

  • Form

Apart from the famous tong style straighteners that we see in the market, hair straightening brushes are also an effective tool for your straightening your hair. The bristles consists of heating elements similar to flat irons to give you straight, sleek, and smooth hair. If you are looking for curling your hair using a flat iron, choose a hair straightener with round edges.

Flat Iron vs Hair Straightening Brush

Styling Time Takes more time to heat and plates are narrow. Thus styling time is more. Heat up quickly and cover more surface thus, reducing the styling time.
Safety  Hot plates can burn your scalp and fingers Silicone edge of bristles saves your scalp from damage 
Efficiency  Flat irons can straighten the curly, thick hair quickly. They are not ideal for thick curly hair.
Usage  Not ideal for using on daily basis. For regular styling hair brushes are ideal.

Flat iron vs hair straightening brush chart by

  • Consider your hair type

We all have different types of hair. Some have thick and curly hair while others have thin hair. Depending upon your hair type, you need to choose a straightener that will give you optimum results.

If you have thick hair, then a titanium-plated straightener is what you need. Ceramic plates are known to work best on thin and very fine hair whereas tourmaline straighteners are good for curly or damaged hair.

Thin & Fine Hair = Ceramic plates

Thick & Coarse Hair = Titanium plates

Curly & Damaged Hair = Tourmaline plates

  • Temperature settings

It is highly recommended to opt for straighteners that have adjustable temperature settings.

If you have thin hair then an ideal temperature range would be 150-170 degrees. However, if you have thick or curly hair then a temperature of above 200 degrees would be needed for good results.

hair straightener heating temperature

  • Plate width

Another important factor that you need to consider is the width of the plates. Wider plates speed up the straightening process. However, you should not opt for very wide plates if your hair is thin as this can hamper the precision and quality of the results.

Wide plates of 2 inches are recommended for thick hair whereas 1.5 inches plates are an ideal choice for thin hair. If you have short hair you can go for 1-inch plates as they efficiently straighten short hair and fringes.

Short hair & fringes = 1 inch plates

Thin & wavy hair = 1.5 inch plates

Thick & curly hair = 2 inch plates

  • Quality (price vs. value)

You are investing in a hair styling tool and hence, it is necessary to buy a quality product. However, by quality product, we don’t mean you should spend a fortune on a hair straightener.

However, it is important to strike the right balance between quality and price. It is wise to choose a product that is of high-quality and rightly priced too. The price of hair straighteners in India starts as low as 700 INR and can go up to 10000 INR. If you are looking for budget-friendly hair straighteners, then check out the best hair straighteners under 1000. If you have the budget and looking for straighteners from top brand brands, then check the best hair straightener under 2000.

  • Weight and grip 

Buying a bulky device can add discomfort to your hands and cause pain if the straightener is held for a long time. Look for a straightener that is lightweight and has a good grip so that you don’t strain your hands in the process.

  • Know your purpose

Straighteners come in several types like cordless, wired, mini travel-purpose ones, etc. Before you opt for a straightener it is very crucial to know your purpose. If you are a travel-freak you can opt for travel size-straightener as it can be very handy.

  • Additional features to look for

Some additional features that you can look out for are as follows:

  • Auto shut-off – An iron with an auto shut-off feature is a safe gadget that you can use without worrying about overheating. Even if you forget to turn it off, the auto-off feature will protect the device against damage.
  • Sensor – Straighteners with sensor technology spread the heat evenly on the plates and protect your hair against getting damaged due to hot spots.
  • Length of the cord – A straightener with a long cord offers you more mobility. A 360-degree swivel cord will prevent the cord from tangling, twisting, and getting damaged.
  • Warranty – When you buy a hair straightener, look for a product with warranty. In case anything goes wrong with the appliance you can always get it repaired when it is covered under warranty.
  • Infused plates – You can also opt for straighteners whose plates are infused with keratin or argan oil, etc. Such ingredients are great at repairing the damage hair and promoting hair health too.
  • Heat up time – Choose a straightener that can heat up faster. This will speed up the styling process and also give you good results.

Protecting your Hair while straightening 

While it can be tempting to use hot tools on your hair and get the desired style it is important to remember that styling tools can cause damage to your hair.

  • It is highly recommended to use a heat-protecting spray or hair straightening serum before applying the straightener to the hair. By using heat protectant sprays you can prevent the moisture from the hair from getting lost and reducing the heat damage.
  • It is also important to mention that if you style or straighten your hair daily, a heat protectant spray may not be able to save your hair.
  • One should also stay away from products that contain formaldehyde. These products when used with hot tools can evaporate into the air and your lungs. If you inhale them they can cause health problems.


1. Can I use a hair straightener on wet hair?

Using a hair straightener on wet hair can cause a lot of damage to the hair. It is highly recommended to dry your hair completely before using a hot tool.

2. How to curl using a hair straightener?

If you want to use a straightener as a curler then choose one with round edges. This will allow you to wrap your hair around the barrel. By holding the hair on the barrel for a few seconds you can achieve a good curl.

3. Is it necessary to clean the straightener?

It is recommended to clean your straightener at least once a month if you are a frequent user. Since the product from the hair can get accumulated on the straightener, it is better to wipe off the residue.

4. When should I replace my straightener?

Depending upon the use, it is advisable to replace the straightener once in 2-4 years. Like any other appliance styling tools also undergo wear and tear and thus need to be replaced.

 5. Can I use a hair straightener every day?

Hair experts advise against using a styling tool daily as it can cause a lot of damage to the hair.

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Take Away

Since a hair straightener is used to treating something as delicate as your hair it is better to take into consideration all the factors before picking any product.

By following the buying guide mentioned in this article, we hope you will make the right choice. Laying your hands on the right product will give you the desired results.


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