Kitchen Dishwasher Buying Guide – 4 Easy Ways to Choose a Dishwasher


With our fast-paced lives today, the dishwasher has become a very useful appliance in most kitchens.

You cannot always rely on your maids as they might often go on unplanned or long leaves.

The entire housework falls on your shoulders in such situations. And if you are working, have a large family or kids to look after, then your entire schedule for the day goes for a toss.

Doing the utensils becomes one big hassle then. Moreover, the Indian kitchen is full of differently shaped utensils like the kadhai and tawa. Our cooking also leads to a lot of oil and grub in the utensils. Hence cleaning them becomes all the more time-consuming.

The dishwasher is one appliance which becomes a lifesaver in such situations.

You simply have to stack in all your utensils and start the cleaning cycle. The dishwasher cleans all the grub off and gives you nice, clean utensils in minutes.

The market today is flooded with a range of dishwasher models from leading brands. Each of the appliances comes with their own set of features. There are also various new features being updated every day.

The variety of options might also lead to confusion.

You might buy a very good dishwasher but on taking it home you see that it is not meeting your particular requirements. Hence making the right choice is of utmost importance.

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You should take a few factors into consideration while choosing a dishwasher.

This comprehensive guide will take you through all the things you should keep in mind while choosing a dishwasher.

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Let’s take a look at them.

Check the dishwasher capacity

Your dishwasher should be able to hold in all your utensils. Hence, always check the capacity of the dishwasher before buying it.

Always keep in mind the size of your utensils and the number of family members while choosing the dishwasher capacity.

Dishwashers come in various capacities today. The smallest one comes with a four plate setting. The dishwasher can hold upto 32 utensils in this setting. This dishwasher is ideally suited if you stay alone or are a family of two.

The dishwasher capacities then go on increasing to eight, twelve, fourteen and sixteen plate settings.

The dishwashers with twelve plate settings are of a standard size and are best suited for families of four or five. You can easily wash your kadhais, pots and other large utensils with this setting.

However, if your family prefers to eat and drink in bigger plates or glasses then you will need a dishwasher with a sixteen plate setting.

Most dishwashers today can wash a maximum of 115 to 120 utensils.

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Choose the right kind of dishwasher

There are different kinds of dishwashers available today. You have to choose the right one based on your requirements.

  • Built-in dishwasher: The built-in dishwashers are installed under your kitchen countertop.

The dishwasher will be installed as a permanent fitting. Hence it will be very convenient for you to do all the cleaning of utensils.

Since it’s a permanent fixture, the dishwasher is directly connected to the pipeline. Hence, your kitchen tap remains free and you can carry on with other work in the sink.

This kind of dishwasher is best suited if it is your own house.

  • Portable dishwasher: If you live in a rented house, then the portable dishwasher is the one to go for.

You can keep the dishwasher in any convenient place and drag it into your kitchen when you want to use it.

Just connect the dishwasher to your tap and your appliance it good to go. You can choose your required cleaning cycle and set the dishwasher in motion.

The functionality and cleaning performance of these dishwashers is as good as the portable ones.

  • Countertop dishwasher: This one is also a portable dishwasher. As the name itself suggests you will have to place the dishwasher on top of your kitchen counter and set it in motion. Like all portable dishwashers, you have to connect this one too to your kitchen tap.
  • Dish drawer: This is a smaller dishwasher best suited for families with two to three members.

You can opt for the double drawer dishwasher if you want additional space. The biggest advantage of the double drawer system is that both the drawers can function independently.

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Check all the dishwasher features

Dishwashers today come with a host of features. You should select a dishwasher with features which suit your requirements the most. There are various add on features as well. You can go for them if you wish. You will however have to pay an additional price for them.

Let’s take a look at the different dishwasher features.

  • Wash Programmes

The dishwashers today come with various wash programmes. You can even customize your own wash cycle to clean the utensils.

  • Normal cycle: This is the standard programme which cleans a full load of all your utensils which are moderately dirty and soiled.
  • Rinse and hold: You can set this cycle if you want to give a rinse to your utensils with water while the dishwasher waits for the full load. The dishwasher doesn’t use any detergent in this cycle. All odour from utensils is removed
  • Quick wash or Express cycle: This cycle is best suited if you want to give a quick cleaning to lightly soiled utensils.
  • Sanitize: The dishwasher washes with water at a very high temperature in this cycle. As a result, it removes 99.9% germs from the utensils.
  • Rinse: All your utensils will be simply rinsed with water in this cycle.

Although the dishwashers come with a number of cycles and various add ons, you should make your choice a little wisely. Always go for the one which meets your requirements and suits your budget.

  • Temperature settings

The dishwashers come with temperature settings wherein you can adjust the temperature at which the utensils will be washed.

You will definitely want to clean your heavily greased utensils with water at a higher temperature. Similarly, your lightly soiled utensils will require lukewarm water for washing.

You can easily change the water temperature by adjusting the temperature settings.

Hence, it is always advisable that you choose a dishwasher which has a wide range of temperature settings.

  • Sensors

Most dishwashers today are quite technologically upgraded and come with smart sensors.

These auto sensors prove very effective in adjusting each cycle according to your particular washing requirements.

  • Water sensor: The water sensor automatically detects when there is an optimum level of water for washing the utensils. The sensor also detects if the water is hard. The converter then softens the water and makes it usable.
  • Soil sensor: This sensor detects the amount of grease in the utensils. The dishwasher then adjusts the wash cycle accordingly.
  • Temperature sensor: The temperature sensor adjusts the right temperature required for washing the utensils.
  • Detergent sensor: This sensor detects the load of utensils in a given cycle and releases the required quantity of detergent for washing.
  • Buzzer

This buzzer goes off at the end of each cycle. This feature proves very helpful since it indicates that one wash cycle is over. And if you have multiple washes to do, then this buzzer proves even handier.

  • Safety lock

Always check out for a safety lock before buying a dishwasher. Once the door is locked, then it will not open accidentally while in operation. The lock becomes all the more essential if you have a child at home.

  • Auto restart

Auto restart is a very essential feature if there are frequent power cuts. The dishwasher will resume its cycle from where it had stopped once the power supply resumes. Hence looking out for this feature will always be a wise thing to do.

  • Dishwasher compatibility with hard water

Many places in India have hard water. This might be a problem while running a dishwasher. Hard water will lead to scaling and that in turn can cause excessive usage of soap and water.

The dishwashers that have a separate chamber for softening water prove very beneficial. There is a salt dispenser which releases salt into the machine. This salt softens the water. This prevents excessive use of salt and wastage of water.

  • Filters

The dishwashers with a good filter ease out your work even further. You can directly put in your utensils into the dishwashers without rinsing them. All the food particles get collected in the filters before the utensils are washed.

Moreover, you can also go hands-free on the maintenance by choosing a self-cleaning filter.

  • Indicators

The indicators in the dishwasher prove very handy.

There is a dry tap indicator which tells you about the sudden disruption in the water supply. The machine automatically goes into the sleep mode and resumes once the water supply starts.

There are also indicators that tell you when to refill salt in the salt dispenser pump.

  • Dual pressure switch

At times the drain pump might fail to pump out water before more water is pumped into the dishwasher. The dual pressure switch is of great use in such situations.

This switch regulates the drain pump properly and prevents flooding.

  • Material

Always ensure that you check the material of the tub before buying a dishwasher.

It is always advisable to go for dishwashers with a steel tub. This is because steel is surely sturdier than other materials. Moreover, steel is also able to bear higher temperature.

Heat is transferred much faster in steel as compared to other materials. Steel also keeps away odours and stains. Hence, choosing steel is definitely a better option.

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Keep your budget in mind before purchase

Dishwashers today are available in wide price ranges. Their price can range from anywhere between Rs 11000 to Rs 45000. Hence making the right choice can be a little difficult.

Always keep in mind your budget before making a purchase. Also, check all the features and go for a dishwasher which meets your specific requirements.

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Now you surely have a clear picture regarding how you should go about buying a dishwasher.

The dishwasher today has become a must-have appliance in every kitchen. Going for the right dishwasher can surely ease out a lot of your work in the kitchen. You’ll get nice clean utensils and that too without any hassles.

So just buy the dishwasher of your choice and get your utensils done in minutes.

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